You are a truly films lover

Your contribution will allow to create a robust competition against the "Big Fishes" in Hollywood. We are Independent Filmmakers! We want to obtain our own way to make quality movies, and distribute worldwide, with our own offices and our ouwn pace, through our channels of outputs around the world. Film Studios they seized the access to many amazing and very talented filmmakers, Film Studios they have their own "army" selected and chosen at their own pace. We need our won space, and take our slice in the distribution. CONTRIBUTE for this mission."


Let's keep going to make films and increase the number of talented fimmakers.


Let's put together strengths, capabilites, organizations, throughout the world.


Let's make films using resources of our international colleagues in our organization.


Let's get audience to watch our own films, of our talended independent filmmakers.

Talented People Dont Dare Failure

United together we put all our talents from all world in 1 pot. From writing, planning, producing, editing, VFX, marketing, distributions.

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We possess among the high standard of organizational focus (CMMI).

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