Special Services

Executive implementations

Collaboration is offered to choose among the services available, one or more options, following your necessity for a video/film production

By contract/Project

I provide a reliable job in any direction, which is what you need. You can count on expertise and experience, not the last is vision.

Financing is Critical

Among the job needed that I can provide to collaborate to make your project a reality is financing. I can help you to submit proposals to my investors.



Frequent Questions

Marco Taloni's contribution can be by contract, project, single task, or multiple task packages. The fee is very affordable and related to the type of job involved. He can work individually or with his team.

Absolutely. Can be for example only for brainstorming Consulting, or financing, or production supervision on the set, or location organizer, or all others, you can check the list of services.
Yes, I do solo work, or with collaborators depending from the type and size of work is needed, from bringing my Panasonic_AG-DVX200 professional 4K with green screen or blue if needed with lighting and sound, to the entire crew if needed, to produce commercials or corporates videos. (Post-Production/Editing included)
I can work with your team to assemble a production, from only collaborating until to be in charged to bring a selected crew and administer the production, from budget making until the job coordination on the set.
I can work personally for small scale of commercials, in my studio, using Video-Pad and Adobe Premiere, also for a bigger scale of videos with special effects and digital designing through my highly professional team. Also Feature length Postproduction is available through my team. For Score/Music we have a composer for videos, and a composer of a worldwide class for commercials videos and for cinematic scores.
I do distributions directly to screens in Canada, and also directly with collaborations in the USA, UK, Italy and Thailand. A representation for the rest of the world is available. I do Festivals.
Marc Talon InvestmentsTM functions as brokerage for media products, including for film distribution only. It's possible to obtain an acceptance for one or more of our investors to finance an entire production or only financing distributions.
I am based in Toronto Canada. But, depending from the type of work, I am able to travel everywhere, if needed. Remote working is available as well. Also for Editing we have Remote working available. Zoom or other apps can be adopted for meetings. Everything is flexible and straightforward.