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We have experience

We are films writers, directors, producers, and we are sales people, with 35 years of experience around the globe. We know filming, sales, marketing, that's what you need.

North America - Europe - Asia - Oceania

We are based in Toronto Canada, and we serve USA, we have close collaborations in UK, Italy, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Sydney, we provide translations for subtitles. Most of the languages.

We want your film succeed

We will affordably be taking care of your film, you retain your rights, and we work for you, preparing strategically what is needed to profit your film to the highest level.

Technical and Artistic support

We provide, technical needs, such as Encoding for TV and DCP packages for theatrical releases, we design prints, we print, we deliver, we provide marketing solutions made to measure, digital one as well.

to speak with us.

Do you want to be sure to attain the higher profitability for you film?

That's why you should contact us as soon as possible in pre-production phase.

Our Company

We are a family corporation, working for INDIE productions from all around the world. We do not just propose around your film, but we individuate solutions to make it through, directly, TV Broadcasters Cinemas, Cables, DVD, Airlines, Others. WE ARE NOT MIDDLEMEN, we are the principals working for you, individuating the right solutions feasible to profit your film, and implementing them by our own hands, first run, second run, ancillaries we work for your marketing, we invent it, we provide it, we implement it, strategically integrated with your release, intelligently organized for your profit, we estimate it, we work for you.

We do it, physically, personally, in CANADA, USA, and in other countries where we have collaborations, who are working for us.

JUST CONTACT US and ask for more information, or to have just a chat, we will be glad to hear from you.

Example how works for 60%-300%-1000% R.O.I.

CANADA, U.S.A., U.K., ITALY, THAILAND, these are the territories where we are based on. THEATRICAL, BROADCASTERS, DIGITAL STREAMING, VOD, CABLES, DVD, AIR. a Producer/Filmmaker should contact me, Marco Taloni, before to develop the film, before pre-production,  If your film is low  budget, for instance Indie production, you would like to succeed and obtain some acceptable revenue from it. You hope to get noticed and find a distributor who will pay some advance, and perhaps get some more income during the process. Okay, this is the typical process which a producer would go with it. But the reality is: first the producer will get a good enough deal with a distributor? What kind of distributor is anyway. Secondly, is there a chance that a reliable distributor will even look into distribute that low budget film?

This is the time that, I, Marco Taloni, I intervene. Partnering with me, is the same that as you distribute your film by your own! Yeah, because I will be your representative implementing physically all necessary steps in order to put the film product in front of the eyes of the audience and actually, generating operations in order to accumulate audience in front of your film. And the money coming from the audience who paid to see the film, will go directly into the pocket of yours, producer/filmmaker. How much? ALL, what a typical distributor will get + the left over from the gross which that typical distributor might give to a producer. Your question: "how about you producer's agent? How much?" , my answer is 10% for direct distributions, 3% through other distributors. So you, as producer/filmmaker get ALL from box office. But not only that also you will have assurance that audience will be attracted to see your film since I am there for you to create such streaming, by appropriate strategies, promo, applied marketing, and leveraging adequate ratios related at your budget and expectations.


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