You are able to contact us first, by e-mail, or by our contact page in order to submit the information needed in order we are able to evaluate your film and offer you a prime level of options, in this way, if your film is suitable for one of more markets of ours we can give you a prime level of ideas and we start from there to refine your aiming level.


FILM IN DEVELOPMENT: yes we evaluate films in pre-productions and development, we will send the appropriate information sheet in order to have such prime level of evaluation. Certainly we will provide information in the way we can, together with the film's owner, get an adequate direction to be elaborate immediately. Our opinion is that it would be much better to work the development of distribution on in early stages, in the way, that we can be ready to obtain revenue aimed.


FILMS COMPLETED: of course we can elaborate an appropriate solution, for a single or multi-direction of distribution, or in Canada, USA, or/and other countries. We need to see your film, and after that we can create appropriate channels of distributions. Us, together with your production, will decide the most suitable and profitable solutions.


SUBMITTING MATERIAL: after we decided together the top direction of distribution(s), you can send a hard disk, or a flash drive, of your product, in a format that will be communicated.

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